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About Us

Reginald and Jennifer Murray have been operating this company for more than 20 years in Oklahoma. We look forward to assisting you with your wildlife concerns. We will treat your property as if it were our own.

After 20+ years, we have rebranded, but our quality, services and owners are still the same.


Murray Wildlife Solutions®, L.L.C., is a U.S. Service Disabled American Veteran Owned & Family Operated nuisance & predatory wildlife solutions and service company is a Certified Disabled Veteran and Family Owned Small Business.

The Murray Wildlife Solutions®, L.L.C. crews’ professional dedication to nuisance wildlife control, depredation control, exclusions & wildlife conservation is unrivaled. So don’t take chances, contact Murray Wildlife Solutions®, L.L.C. today.

Our Goals

* To provide the best customer service possible.
* To make each client feel like the only client.
* To resolve health & safety issues associated with humans & wildlife.
* To ensure the most humane control methods available are in use to minimize wildlife trauma.
* To properly educate and rebuke the misconceptions of wildlife control in the modern era.
* To begin and end each job function with “Quality” in mind.


We are Fully Licensed

***As of the publishing time of this website, Murray Wildlife Solutions®, L.L.C. has accumulated more than 40 combined years humanely capturing, controlling, managing wildlife populations along with addressing concerns, problems and issues in a professional manner. Murray Wildlife Solutions®, L.L.C. exceeds recognized industry standards.

Owners Reginald & Jennifer Murray

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