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Honey Bee Services

Murray Wildlife Solutions®, L.L.C. will physically remove honey bees by opening up the void where they have established their hive and using a vacuum to remove the queen(s), drones and worker bees at the same time iin most cases. We will then remove the hive body, scrape and clean the void and then seal the void inside and out to prevent a re-establishment. In most cases we perform all the work required ourselves, but on occasion there could be circumstances beyond our capabilities that would prevent us from closing. Once the honey bees and all hive are collected, we then transport them to our property and place them in a hive body where they will continue to thrive and be productive. We NEVER use poisons or contaminates to destroy honey bees.

When you see a "clump" or "ball" of honey bees on a limb, fence, overhang or other external surface, this is called a "swarm". This occurs when honey bees have either outgrown their previous hive body location due to the colony size and limitation of growth area, or when a hive colony "splits" and half leaves to find a new location to start a new colony. We do physically remove swarms from properties to prevent them from finding a structure nearby to colonize and place them in a new hive on our property.

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