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There are 46 known species of bat in North America and of which, Oklahoma is home to 23 of those species. Of those 23 species found in Oklahoma, we have found many species in attics, walls and other structures with as many as 6 different species sharing the same spaces within an attic. We offer an unrivaled service for the exclusion of bats and "proofing" of structures when possible to prevent their return and access. There are however, a few circumstances where "proofing" is not an option, such as barns and preventing bats from getting under tile, slate or shake roofs. However, everything starts with a thorough inspection to determine entry points, species of bat and whether or not the structure has a bachelor or maternity colony. Once the inspection is performed an estimate and all findings will be disclosed to the property owner or managing authority so that you are better able to make an informed decision about how you would like to proceed.


















The remediation of a bachelor colony of bats can be done just about all year. However; the remediation of a maternity colony will only be performed by Murray Wildlife Solutions®, L.L.C. starting in the first week of September through the second week of March. The reason is due to the presence of pup bats that aren't capable of flying between the third week of March and the last week in August. We will not do anything to a known maternity colony with pup bats because we are not going to evict adult bats just to leave the pups behind to expire. Our eviction method is proven and we will not utilize any chemical or equipment that might cause harm to the bats as they are evicted from a structure.


Exclusion / Proofing Service

Bats in a gable vent
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