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Frequently Asked Questions

Selecting a Provider

“Who is the Right Service Company or Provider?”

This is most definitely a puzzling question for those searching for a legitimate professional service provider of any industry.

First of all, a Pest Control Service Company is different from a Wildlife Control Service Company. A pest control service company utilizes regulated contaminates and poisons to resolve an insect or arthropod issue such as roaches, ants, spiders, etc. A wildlife control service provider utilizes mechanical methods to resolve a wildlife related issue or problem such as moles, gophers, coyotes, beaver, squirrels, bats and even honey bees … and a wildlife control service company is completely “green” in relation to the latest environmental movement.

There are those companies in the wildlife industry, that are strictly “exclusionist” when it comes to wildlife, and then there are those like the Murray Wildlife Solutions® Limited Liability Company … who are dedicated to resolving human and animal conflicts for their clientele all over the State of Oklahoma. It has been said before, and it will be said again … exclusion by itself limits for a short time the wildlife’s ability to gain entry into your structures, where as a proper removal of the nuisance species is the more professional way to resolve the issue with damaging wildlife. Murray Wildlife Solutions® Limited Liability Company will then exclude the structure by repair or closure, to ensure that the possible “future” species cannot gain entrance after the initial wildlife issue is resolved.

Following is a statement taken from an improper service provider in Oklahoma:

“If we can exclude an animal from one property, and cause it to move next door … then that will turn into another exclusion job for our company. It’s a way to ensure we stay busy, and in business.”
~ Company name withheld.

Following is a statement taken from a proper service provider in another state:

“I got a call from a lady yesterday who had called my competition first. The other company told her they would remove the raccoons in her attic by using chloroform to knock the raccoons out. I had a hard time
believing anyone would even dream this up to tell a customer….. so I scheduled the client, and then
called the other company to see what they were telling people. It was sickening the way they tried to reel
me in with scare tactics, and lies. I never let on that I wasn’t a client, but It would make a good show
wouldn’t it? Something along the lines of a mystery shopper, who writes reviews about the experience. In
the review, the name and phone number of that company should be included.”

~ Mike Flick – Owner of Anytime Animal Control.

**These types of scare tactics are being used more and more by all service providers everyday, especially in this slumped economy. Don’t allow yourself to get taken by a service provider.

Following are some questions that should be asked before acquiring the services of a Professional Wildlife Service Provider:

1. How long have you been in business?

  • This question is not to be confused with how many years in the Pest control business. Controlling insects is very different from controlling wildlife. As for the OK Wildlife Control®, L.L.C., we established in Oklahoma in 2002.

2. Have you ever had to file a claim for damages that you or your company has caused?

  • The OK Wildlife Control®, L.L.C., to date, has NEVER filed a claim or had to “settle” for damages with a client.

3. Have you ever had a complaint filed against yourself, employees, contractors or company?

  • As for the OK Wildlife Control®, L.L.C., to date we have NEVER heard of, nor had a complaint that was brought to our attention in search of a professional resolve.


4. Do you have previous client references?

  • The OK Wildlife Control®, L.L.C. provides references on a case by case basis. Reference ranges from the private landowner, up to and including the Corporate, Industrial and government townships & communities.


5. Do you exclude wildlife only, or will you remove it?

  • The OK Wildlife Control®, L.L.C. has a policy of removing the problem species if need be, and then repairing the damages caused by the wildlife if required or requested to do so.


6. Do you offer any warranty or guarantee of craftsmanship and work?

  • OK Wildlife Control®, L.L.C. offers 3 year warranties on all structural exclusions for all wildlife, 5 years on all bat & honey bee exclusions. However, we do not offer a warranty for structures with slate or tile roofs.


7. Do you hold the applicable license and permits required by the State Wildlife Department and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Department?

  • All of the OK Wildlife Control®, L.L.C. Employees and Sub Contractors are licensed accordingly in Oklahoma.

8. Do you offer a variety of control options? Exclusion, trapping, eviction, habitat modification or maybe even suggesting that nothing be done?

  • The OK Wildlife Control®, L.L.C. will always provide all possible options for our client to consider before making a final selection on the course of action to be taken.

9. Do you offer a complete contract or service agreement with the job details?

  • The OK Wildlife Control®, L.L.C. does provide a service agreement to all of our clients, with full terms and conditions for the services to be rendered. Most are completely “customizable” to the clients needs and preferences.

10. Do you provide services according to the client preferences and in accordance with local laws?

  • The OK Wildlife Control®, L.L.C. will at all times attempt to consider and fulfill our clients preferences. However, there are times when personal preferences of the client, contradict the established laws, or they are not in the “best interest” of the situation at hand. During these times, all details will be fully explained and agreed upon before any services are to be rendered.

11. Be cautious of any company that offers one way tunnels and required “proofing” as their ONLY means of wildlife control.

Oklahoma Wildlife Control® Limited Liability Company is based in Bristow, OK … proudly serving all of Oklahoma and providing answers to all of these questions without hesitation. We are as proud of the services and solutions we provide, as our clientele is to have the final results when we are finished on a particular job. Wildlife Issues Resolved.

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